Photographing 3D Artwork

14) Resources on Photographing Artwork

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Books on Photographing Artwork:

Note: Links are to titles listed at This is for your convenience. Sometimes the same books are available at other dealers for less. Iíve had good experiences buying secondhand books through, as well as finding them through I have no affiliate status with amazon, nor any other reason to recommend them except for good prices and service over the years. Also I find the customer reviews very useful.

This is the book I found most useful:

Photographing Your Artwork, by Russell Hart, 2000.

In addition, Iíve studied:

News groups and forums online

For answers to film photography questions and problems, try the usenet group, You can access this through your news reader (like Microsoft Outlook Express) or via google groups.

Yahoo groups has mailing list groups for almost every brand of 35mm camera. The group for your camera can be invaluable in selecting lenses and solving problems. For old manual cameras, this is especially useful.

Of course you can search for specific topics at, both on the web and in usenet groups. Often the answers will turn out to be located in the photonet forums.

Photographer Michel Ditlove often provides generous help to questions posted in the PACA forum.

You can also search for Steve Meltzerís past columns in The Crafts Report. Quite a few are available online. This link is to the search page.

Articles Online

Amy OíConnell on Basic Jewelry Photography. Much of this can be adapted to larger works.

Tabletop Photography.

Photo Tips for Metalsmiths

Iíve read quite a few articles online about photographing artwork, but have lost track of them.

New articles online since I first published this article:

Photographing Enamels, by Alexa Smarsh - step by step information on using a Nikon 995 digital camera to photograph small enamel jewelry pieces.

Photographing Your Artwork, by Nita Leland - brief guide, mostly for photographing 2D artwork.

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