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Red Maple Tree - "Night Magic"

"Night Magic"

original painting sold -
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Red Maple Tree Leaf Print Painting

Acrylic Paint on 8x10" stretched canvas,
Click on the image above or here to see a larger image.

To me, this evokes some of the magic of trees at night. In that quiet stillness, bits of revelation come. Also I like the sense of the leaves glowing, emitting energy. Of course leaves do indeed emit energy - and we usually love it.

All the leaves I used in this painting are maple tree leaves from the woods here where I live. The big leaf is a red maple tree leaf, as is the leaf at lower right. There's something about the red maple tree that epitomizes the feeling of "maple." It has a lovely balance between delicacy and strength.

The other leaves in this "Night Magic" painting are mountain maple leaves, another favorite tree of mine because of the graceful way it branches.

When I lived in South DeKalb County, right next to Atlanta, there was a mountain maple tree in the front yard. One of its branches curved down in just the right way for my children's swing. Later, after my son and daughter left home, I looked out at that tree every morning as I wrote.

What the painting is really like:

It has a real glow - even more in person than on the computer monitor, which is unusual. I used a gloss varnish after I scanned it into the computer. This really brought out the black background and the metallic and iridescent colors. Wow! They glow even when the painting is in dim light.

How this painting might look framed:

Because the painting is on gallery wrap canvas, it's shipped ready to hang. No frame is required. If you'd like to add a frame, you might pick one with a liner to increase the size of the finished artwork:

Of course if you change the color of the liner, you can affect the painting a great deal:

"Night Magic" is a standard 8x10" size, so framing is easy and relatively inexpensive.

How was this painting done?

The leaf prints are from real leaves. As you can imagine, this requires a delicate touch, both in applying the acrylic paint to the leaf, and pressing it into place on the painted canvas. Then I made the "glow" outlines with iridescent and metallic paints with a fan brush.

As always, I used top quality professional acrylic paints. Mostly I use Golden paints, on which I spend a great deal of my discretionary income. I use fluid paints, heavier body paints, both either matte or regular sheen, and airbrush paints. The airbrush paints are helpful for the leaf prints, as they have a consistency similar to that of inks.

Protective varnish - to last for generations

I added an "isolation coat" between the painting and the varnish, so if the varnish ever needs to be removed a few generations from now, that will be fine. The varnish is Golden MSA Varnish. The painting can be restored without harming the paint. So if you buy this painting, you'll be buying one that will last for many decades. I hope your heirs like it too!

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